Lock Down Pads  6" (8 per pack)

Lock Down Pads are water resistant, yellow sticky pads that attract a wide range of insects, including Fungus Knats, Thrips,Spider Mites, Leaf Miners, Aphids, Whiteflies, Fruit Flies, and more. The correct way to do insect monitoring is with the smallest environmental impact possible, free of

Lock Down Pads are yellow hydroponic plastic coated on one side with specially formulated, water resistant adhesive. There is no odor, no noxious chemicals that can affect the air, soil, rock, or water. Lock Down Pad's are designed to cover the base of your plant, which provides the safest way to produce high yields. The Lock Down Pad's protects your plant from debris entering your growing medium, helps stop molds/algae, and reduces watering. They are water resistant, long lasting, and can be used at any stage of growth. Lock Down Pads are economical, effective, entirely safe, and simple to use.

They are ideal for use indoors or outdoors in potted plants Hydro/soil.

Available sizes, 12" 6" 3" & 1.5" circles and now 6" and 1.5" Squares.


• Pesticide Free
• Water resistant
• No mess
• Convenient
• Full Coverage: base of the plant is well protected from insects
• Specific yellow color
• Easy to monitor trapped insects
• Easy to handle
• Environmentally friendly


BASIC USE: Lay the Lock Down Pad adhesive side up or down in your pot. Peel off the release film.

CONE UP: Place the Lock Down Pad with the adhesive side facing either towards the base of your plant or away the base of your plant and gently remove the release paper to form a cone with the Lock Down Pad. Overlap the slit of the Lock Down Pad to form the desired cone shape and size.

Tip: Coning the Lock Down Pad up works great for manual wand water feeding when growing in soil. Keeping water away from the stock of your plant while continuing to monitor insects.

Cone Down: Place the Lock Down Pad around the stock of your plant gently remove the release paper and form a cone with the adhesive side facing either away from the base of the plant or facing towards the base of the plant.

Overlap the slit of the Lock Down Pad to form the desired cone shape and size. Tip: Coning Down allows for manual feeding and for visual monitoring of automatic watering systems.

If there is a bug infestation in your root system Cone Down with the adhesive facing inside, this will allow for monitoring of the insects emerging from your root system.

6" Lock Down Pads:

This size is perfect for your 2 gallon and smaller inserts/containers. They work with Hydroponic systems or dirt. The Lock Down Pad can also be laid flat, sticky side up or down. Coning works great for watering by hand. You can water right on the pad!

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Lock Down Pads 6" (8 per pack)

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