Pot       8.5"x8.5" Square White (3 gal)

Botanicare Square Pots are ideal replacement pots for Botanicare's TurboGarden Drip or Ebb & Flow systems. These pots are so versatile, you'll find many other uses for them in your grow setup, even wtihout drip or ebb and flow systems. Drainage holes in the bottom of the pots ensure roots never get flooded. Customize pots and keep track of your growth—the lip of each pot has a place to put a plant label.

Botanicare carries a diverse selection of high quality professional plant containers and pots. They are available in mesh, mesh bottom, squares, and rounds. Rootguards and neoprenes are available for all pots.

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Pot 8.5"x8.5" Square White (3 gal)

  • Brand: Botanicare
  • Product Code: BCPTQ2285SQ
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $3.85

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