Lighting Rules


Grow lights are a vital part to the success of your indoor gardening. What many indoor gardeners fail to realize is that there are rules that must be followed to ensure a successful harvest.


The most important thing to know about grow lights are which ones to use based on your plant. Our experienced staff understands grow lights and the effects certain ones will have on your garden. Come in or call today to discuss you lighting situation with us. 


Below are some helpful rules when it comes to using grow lights. Always be sure to read the instructions that come with your grow lights.



** Choose The Right Light - When choosing a light source, the requirements of the plant you are growing is important. Most vegetables, herbs and flowering plants require high levels of light, while some tropical plants, including orchids and African violets, will thrive at lower light levels.Fluorescent bulbs are available in cool 6500 Kelvin, best for vegetative plant growth, and 3000 Kelvin, for blooming growth. They can also be combined in a single fixture for full spectrum lighting. Wherever you use fluorescent grow lights, standard bulbs won't get the job done. High Output fluorescent bulbs, either straight line or compact fluorescent, are designed specifically for the needs of indoor gardeners.


** Have Enough Light - The biggest mistake people make when purchasing grow lights is not getting enough light. It is always possible to reduce the level of light by moving the light farther away, but its not possible to add light by moving the lamp closer, since the coverage area decreases.


** Maintain the Proper Distance - Fluorescent lights need to be 1 to 4 inches from the plants. High intensity discharge lights should be 1 to 3 feet from the plant. And make sure you change your bulbs on a regular basis. Fluorescent and HID bulbs will last about 15,000 hours, but they lose 25%-35% of their intensity after 4-6,000 hours. Your eyes won't be able to see this loss of light because they adjust, but your plants can feel it.