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Hydroponic gardeners are motivated by many factors. Some are scientific minded and want to have complete control of their plants growth rates and phases. Others seek the large yields and early harvests that hydroponic methods provide. We have systems, supplies, and nutrients that help foster any motivation. Our staff will gladly help troubleshoot any problem, help you improve an existing system, or help you build your first system right in the store.



In a nutshell, hydroponics is a system of growing plants without soil in a nutrient rich water solution. When plant roots have a constant supply of nutrients that they need to metabolize, they can grow larger, faster, and in less space than when in soil. There are many different styles and systems available to hydroponic gardeners, but the basic fundamentals are the same.



People are enjoying the satisfaction of growing their own food, the enhanced flavor and the saved money they benefit by doing it themselves. "Environmentally friendly" has become a mantra amongst those wanting to preserve our planet and stop the exploitation of the very land we depend upon. With this, many are utilizing the benefits of composting and growing their own food. This trend to protect and sustain our fragile planet is one that will continue to grow in the future. The movement towards a more health conscious society is on the rise, providing an unmeasured opportunity for hydroponics and organic gardening.  


Not only are individuals growing their own food, but restaurants and even grocery stores have implemented their own gardening centers to offer fresh, local produce to their customers. They have heard the voice of the people wanting uncontaminated foods grown in their own community.


Consumers need a one-stop shop where they can purchase all the needed supplies to successfully start and maintain their gardens. We will provide a professional, friendly environment where all gardeners, from beginners to experts, using soils or not, can walk away with the information and skills needed to achieve the results they expect.



We carry a large selection of hydroponic systems as well as parts and pieces to build your own or modify an existing system. Variables that dictate system selection are the size of the space, environmental factors, budget, and crop selection. Stop by any time and we can teach you the difference between systems and help you select what’s appropriate for your needs.